10 Secure Timesheets Employee Time Tracking & Time Clock Software For Effective Workforce Management

Employee time tracking is crucial for businesses to ensure payroll accuracy, productivity monitoring, and compliance. Choosing secure timesheet software can streamline timekeeping processes. This guide examines the top 10 software options for Employee Time Tracking using call-in or integrated time clocks tailored for phone-based time tracking.

Why Businesses Need Secure and Accurate Time-keeping Solutions

Accurately tracking employee work hours is essential for businesses to control labor costs, meet compliance regulations, improve workforce productivity, and avoid payroll errors. Manual time-tracking methods using paper timesheets are prone to mistakes, intentional falsifications, and timely processing lags.

Implementing secure timesheet software with telephonic time clocks provides automated time capture, real-time visibility into clock ins/outs, and integration with payroll platforms. Advanced features like GPS tracking, facial recognition, and more bolster accuracy and prevent “buddy punching.”

Below are 10 robust solutions to leverage technology for seamless time tracking and workforce management.

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ClockConnect Call-In Offers Simple and Budget-Friendly Time Tracking

ClockConnect is an easy-to-use time and attendance solution providing affordable automated time tracking tailored for SMBs.

Key Features

  • Call-in time clock for remote clock ins/outs via home/cell/office phones
  • Tracks time in real-time with a reporting dashboard
  • Payroll integrations including QuickBooks
  • Scheduling and shift management tools
  • Geofencing and facial recognition to verify attendance
  • Budget-friendly pricing for SMBs

ClockConnect simplifies time tracking, reduces payroll errors, and provides visibility into employee attendance and hours – all through an easy-to-use telephonic time clock.

TimeTally TeleTrack Leverages Interactive Voice Response For Streamlined Timekeeping

TimeTally TeleTrack uses interactive voice response technology (IVR) enabling employees to clock in and out via landline or mobile phones. The solution focuses on simplicity and affordability.

Key Advantages

  • IVR biometric authentication for calling in hours
  • Integrations with 40+ payroll platforms
  • Real-time online reporting for immediate visibility
  • Schedule management and overtime tracking
  • Inexpensive pricing suitable for small businesses

With robust IVR capabilities and payroll synergies, TimeTally TeleTrack is a budget-option for accurate, automated time tracking.

DialTime Keeper Provides Cloud-Based Time Capture Via Phone-In Clock

DialTime Keeper is an expandable time and attendance service with phone, web, and mobile clocking options plus integrated payroll and accounting syncs.

Notable Aspects

  • Phone-based time clock supporting mobile app
  • Real-time dashboard monitoring clock ins/outs
  • Automates payroll processing
  • Scheduling, overtime, and leave tracking
  • Reasonable prices for growing businesses

DialTime Keeper gives mid-size companies flexible employee time tracking with strong reporting and integrations.

SecureShift Dialer Offers IVR Clock In/Out for Workforce Management

SecureShift Dialer utilizes interactive voice response with advanced features for workforce management across distributed teams.

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Key Functions

  • IVR time station for call-in tracking
  • Real-time feed of clock events
  • Geolocation to confirm attendance
  • Overtime alerts and approvals
  • Payroll exports to leading platforms

SecureShift Dialer provides mid-market and larger businesses robust tools for automated time and attendance tracking tailored to remote teams.

CallClock Central Includes Customizable Automated Timesheet Calculator

CallClock Central provides a time and attendance tracking platform with automated payroll processing and real-time insights into employee hours.

Noteworthy Features

  • Call-in IVR time clock
  • Customizable timesheet calculator
  • Real-time reporting with OT alerts
  • Exports to QuickBooks, ADP, Paychex etc.
  • Scales from 20 up to 1,000 employees

For a full-service solution with strong telephonic checking options plus payroll integrations, CallClock Central is an advisable choice.

TeleTrack TimeSheets Offers Easy Phone-In Clock with Scheduling

TeleTrack TimeSheets delivers an expandable, cloud-based system to capture employee hours through phone, web, and mobile clocks.

Key Attributes

  • Integrated schedule management
  • Telephonic time clock with IVR
  • Real-time portal showing hours
  • Overtime tracking and approvals
  • Exports to leading payroll platforms

With robust scheduling coordination alongside automated time tracking, TeleTrack TimeSheets enables businesses to improve workforce oversight.

VoiceLog WorkHours Provides Secure Automated Time and Attendance Tracking

VoiceLog WorkHours is an IVR-based time and attendance tracking platform emphasizing security protections and integration capabilities.

Notable Features

  • Encrypted IVR time clock
  • Real-time data dashboard
  • Schedule coordination and overtime tools
  • Facial recognition capabilities (add-on)
  • Integrates time data with 50+ payroll systems

For mid-size to large businesses seeking high-security protections, VoiceLog Workhours delivers reliable tools for automated time monitoring and validation.

PhonePunch TimeSystem Leverages Flexible IVR Phone Clocking

PhonePunch TimeSystem offers versatile options to track employee hours via phone-in IVR punching with geofencing support and location tracking.

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Key Aspects

  • Call-in IVR clock with biometric authentication
  • View real-time attendance status
  • Confirm attendance with geofencing and geolocation
  • Scheduling coordination and overtime validations
  • Exports data to integrate with leading payroll platforms

PhonePunch TimeSystem provides accurate automated time monitoring while preventing time theft and buddy punching across distributed workforces.

ClockIn CallHub Includes Bluetooth Beacon Integration for Enhanced Security

ClockIn CallHub offers IVR-based time tracking with extra security assurances through Bluetooth beacon connectivity detecting precise proximity for clock ins/outs.

Notable Features

  • Interactive voice response time station
  • Integrates with Bluetooth beacons for location-based punching
  • Provides real-time control center showing hours
  • Automates payroll processing
  • Affordable pricing models

For small businesses seeking rock-solid IVR functionalities plus Bluetooth security integration, ClockIn CallHub warrants consideration.

TeleTime SecureSheet Emphasizes Reliability for Phone-Based Time Tracking

Trusted by over 4,500 businesses, TeleTime SecureSheet provides reliable cloud-hosted tools enabling phone-based time punching with integrations to streamline payroll and enhance compliance.

Key Attributes

  • Simple call-in IVR clock
  • Visibility into employee hours via real-time portal
  • Mitigates compliance risks with robust reporting
  • Exports data to integrate with leading payroll systems
  • Recognized for outstanding uptime and reliability

TeleTime SecureSheet enables businesses to improve time tracking accuracy across organizations with the flexibility of phone-in clocking.

Evaluating Your Time Tracking Requirements

With increasing reliance on remote and dispersed workforces, adopting automated time collection through IVR-powered time clocks provides stronger validation of attendance and hours while removing manual tracking liabilities.

The solutions profiled emphasize usability and integration for everything from small 20-person teams to larger 1,000 employee corporations. Carefully examine your workflow requirements, payroll software, compliance needs and expected scaling to select the best platform fitting your organization.

Accurate time accounts for 10% or more of overall payroll costs. Implementing reliable software reduces those expenses while empowering enhanced workforce oversight. Use this review as a selection guide to upgrade to smoother time and attendance tracking.

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