Top Things to Know About Self Inking Stamps

A self-inking stamp is similar to a mini printing machine. It truly is portable. It marks reliably the same image repeatedly. It is clean. It saves you time. It saves you money. Some people call them a rubber stamp. But they are more than that. Much more modern. Yes, a stamp is a dinosaur in this society packed with instant gratification from your mobile device. They aren’t dead yet!  Also available are multi-colour Self-Inking Stamps we can custom make for you. Ysera, several colours in a single stamp! That’s cool.

How is a self-inking stamps are different?

A self-inking stamp has a lot of this superiority in the name, self-inking. It has the ink pad inside the body. Saved neatly so you don’t get ink on you. Wherever you decide to go with your stamp you will have the ink pad. This is a time saver there, if you have ever forgotten the ink pad you will know very well what we mean. Utilizing a self-inking stamp is fast. To perform the stamp is simple. Stick it on the part of the paper you want the stamp on. Press down gently to make contact with the paper, press a bit firmer and hold a little once on the paper. Then release and it springs back up again.

How simple is that?

Move to the next thing to mark and repeat. This may really save some time. For this reason, a Self-Inking stamp can become more cost effective than traditional rubber stamps if you are also like the labour cost in makeing your paper bags for instance.

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What are the key parts to a self-inking stamp?

They are made with three major components combined in a single convenient and fast unit.

  1. The outside case
  2. The rubber die or text plate (replaceable plastic die)
  3. The ink pad (replaceable ink pads)

For self-Inking Stamps Ltd to cause you to a custom stamp these three parts are what we have to find out about and then incorporate each aspect of make your perfect custom self-inking stamp.

  1. The outside case.

This is a magic part of the stamp. They have inside the other two parts.

The ink pad is fixed set up while the rubber die is over a special plate that does a trapeze act every time, spinning the rubber die over from the ink pad to the paper in one smooth movement.

They can be one of three basic shapes

  • Round rubber stamp
  • Square rubber stamp
  • Rectangular condition rubber stamp

Each one of those shapes can vary sizes.  From small 12 x 12mm square rubber stamps, great for loyalty cards, right through to huge Professional grade stamps with a steel frame like the Trodat 5212 machine at 116 x 70mm.

You can choose the size or ask Self-Inking Stamps to choose the model for what you need to mark. Please remember the shape of the stamp case or body can be completely different to the form of the image that marks the paper. Any condition any stamp body.  The most significant round form you can make goes in the major rectangular body. It is about matching the image condition to fit the minimum cost body shape and size.  Sometimes it looks like an overkill of stamp size but works out to be the lowest purchase cost. There are different brands of these outer cases available. Both brands are high quality units.  You will discover unique qualities to each model, and we do have preferences from each brand for purposes.

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There are two construction types.

All plastic

Heavy duty with the steel frame

  1. The rubber die or text plate.

This part really is the stamp part.  It stamps on the paper. Making this part is what we do.  We take sheet rubber and then laser engrave a custom image in reverse on the silicone and then laser cut it out to fit the model of stamp chosen. To be able to engrave this image the laser engraving machine will need to have a high-quality image. We prefer to use a vector image as the effect is superior and predictable. This image must be RGB black for the laser to learn when to fire and when not.  Once we have that image the engraving goes predictably whenever and with less wastage. Nobody needs waste. With laser engraving we can cut the rubber incredibly fine.  Fantastic for minute details but the thinner that is then becomes a liability to mark clearly ever time.

When we make a proof to show you how your stamp will mark, we warn you if the font size is too small or too thin for reliable stamping. Or we will modify your image to ensure a great result for you. The rubber die is installed on a double-sided tape.  And therefore replaceable. If you move and need a new address stamp, we can make a new rubber die for you.  Don’t throw your stamp away. Recycle your stamp.  You can read how to improve the rubber yourself throughout your stamp. We can save you a substantial amount on buying a fresh one by simply replacing the rubber die in your stamp.

  1. The ink pads.

The ink pad is the source of ink for the stamp.  What colour will mark your paper.  The ink pad is replaceable or can be topped up at any time with stamp ink. The standard rubber ink colours are Black, blue, red, green and violet. Each model of stamp has its own ink pad.  Some pads are going in multiple models. The ink pad is just a little plastic tray with a felt or foam inside. The ink is in the pad when the stamp involves you.  The standard ink is water based. It is great for paper or cardboard.  It isn’t suited to plastic, glass or steel. Ask us about special inks for those situations beyond matt copy paper or matt cardboard, oh or any coated surfaces. This standard ink is amazing.  It’ll last for years in the stamp.  We have people come together with stamps 10 plus years old still working fine. Yes, the ink will go out a little while.  When?  Well that is like how long an ink jet printer cartridge can last – it depends.

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Every situation is different, and environment can have an impact.  Plus, the operator can make a difference. The amount of ink transferring to paper every time it touches can make a difference. So how many stamps will it make we hear all the time.  So, boy here we go, prove us wrong and say oh my stamp did ………………  on average from 1500 to maybe 5000 could be anticipated.

Then what?

There are two ways to make the stamp mark dark again.  Swap out the ink pad with an upgraded.

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