How Geordie Voice Overs Have Evolved in Popular Media

The Geordie accent, native to the Newcastle area in Northern England, has become a distinctive and sought-after voice in various media forms. This article explores the evolution of Geordie voiceovers, with a particular focus on the work of Ingrid Johnson, a renowned British Female Voice Over Artist.

The Geordie accent is a unique and authentic regional Northern Geordie Accent. It has been used in various media forms, including commercials, e-learning, promos, trailers, and more. Ingrid Johnson, with over three decades of experience in broadcasting, has been a prominent figure in bringing the Geordie accent to the forefront. British Female Voice Over Artist Ingrid Johnson, with more than three decades of experience in broadcasting, has become a prominent figure in this field. Here’s an exploration of her journey and how the Geordie voice-over has evolved in popular media.

Ingrid Johnson has worked with some of the best national and international broadcasting establishments, including Capital FM London, Sky Sports TV, and the BBC. Her work as both an On Air talent and a producer has earned her awards and recognition. With a professional home studio that’s broadcast capable, she has voiced some wonderful scripts for brands far and wide.

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Geordie Voice Overs in Different Media


The Geordie accent has been a popular choice for commercials. Ingrid’s work in commercials showcases the versatility and appeal of the Geordie accent. Her commercial voiceovers range from traditional to contemporary styles.


E-learning platforms have also embraced the Geordie accent. Ingrid’s e-learning voiceovers demonstrate how the accent can be used to create engaging and relatable content for learners.

Promo and Trailers

Promos and trailers often require a voice that can capture attention and create excitement. The Geordie accent, with its distinctive sound, has been a popular choice for these media forms. Ingrid’s work in promos and trailers highlights the energy and dynamism of the Geordie accent.


In the corporate world, the Geordie accent has been used for various projects, including corporate explainers and VOG (Voice of God) announcements. Ingrid’s corporate voiceovers reflect the professionalism and clarity that the Geordie accent can bring to corporate communication.
Ingrid Johnson has been in broadcasting for over 30 years, working with renowned national and international broadcasting establishments such as Capital FM London, Sky Sports TV, and the BBC. Her career has seen her both as an On Air talent and a producer, earning awards and voicing scripts for various brands.

With a professional home studio that’s broadcast capable, Ingrid is often chosen for her native Geordie accent as well as British RP for different projects.

The Evolution of Geordie VoiceOvers

Historical Perspective

The Geordie accent has its roots in the North East of England, and its unique sound has made it a standout choice in voice-over work.

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Modern Usage

Today, the Geordie accent is not just limited to regional projects but has found its way into international media, thanks to artists like Ingrid Johnson.

Future Prospects

With the growing demand for authentic and diverse voices, the Geordie accent is likely to continue its upward trend in the voice-over industry.

The Future of Geordie Voice Overs

With the growing popularity of regional accents in media, the Geordie accent is likely to continue to thrive. Ingrid’s work, along with other talented voice over artists, will undoubtedly contribute to the ongoing evolution of Geordie voiceovers.

Collaboration with the Next Generation

Ingrid shares her studio with her daughter Verity Uma, indicating a collaborative approach to voice over work. This collaboration may symbolize the passing of the torch to the next generation of Geordie voice over artists.

Ingrid Johnson’s career is a testament to the growing popularity and acceptance of the Geordie accent in various media. Her work in commercials, E-learning, corporate videos, and more highlight the versatility and unique charm of the Geordie voice-over.

The evolution of Geordie voice-overs from a regional accent to an international choice reflects the changing dynamics of the media industry. It’s a journey that not only celebrates the richness of regional accents but also opens doors for more diverse and authentic representations in media.

1. What Makes the Geordie Accent Unique in Voice-Over Work?

2. How Has Ingrid Johnson Contributed to the Voice-Over Industry?

Ingrid Johnson, with over three decades of experience in broadcasting, has become a prominent voice-over artist, especially known for her Geordie accent. She has worked with top broadcasting establishments and voiced scripts for various brands. Her professional home studio allows her to deliver high-quality voice-overs for commercials, E-learning, corporate videos, and more. Ingrid’s contributions have helped elevate the status of the Geordie accent in the voice-over industry.

3. Can the Geordie Accent Be Used for Different Types of Media Projects?

Yes, the Geordie accent is highly versatile and can be used in various types of media projects. Its unique sound and authenticity make it suitable for commercials, where it adds a relatable touch. In E-learning, it can create engaging content, and in corporate videos or trailers, it adds a distinctive voice. Artists like Ingrid Johnson have showcased the adaptability of the Geordie accent, making it a sought-after choice in the voice-over field.

The Geordie accent has come a long way in popular media. From commercials to corporate communication, it has found a place in various forms of media. Ingrid Johnson’s work exemplifies the versatility, appeal, and future potential of Geordie voiceovers. Her dedication to her craft and her willingness to collaborate with the next generation of artists paints a promising picture for the future of Geordie voiceovers in popular media.

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